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Research is an imperative tool for building knowledge and facilitating learning. It plays a pivotal role in making universities competitive worldwide. Quality research enables universities to explore organizational and societal issues to identify or suggest solutions. Thus, it enables the educational sector to perform systematically while continuously improving practices and developing refined understanding. As the Director my role is to primarily responsible for the design, development, management, and control process of research-related activities. This creates a stimulating research environment at UCP as our faculty members have built their profile and career around impact and market-oriented research. For smooth processing, I am directly in communication with the Deans of all faculties. Moreover, the objective of the directorate is to continuously update the research policy of the university according to international standards of research. This direction will eventually lead us to meet the key performance indicators of internationally-ranked universities.

Director ORIC
Dr. Athar Mansoor


Dr Muhammad Butt is an academic researcher with the highest Cumulative Impact Factor above 20 and 45+ work citations.
Dr Muhammad Butt is currently enrolled in Mphil Pharmaceutics at the University of Central Punjab. He has served as the former vice president of the Health Club, UCP, during his undergraduate degree in Pharm D.

Dr Muhammad Butt is an academic researcher with the highest Cumulative Impact Factor above 20 and 45+ work citations.
He has published more than 20 research papers, review papers, book chapters and letters to the editor in renowned international journals, including the Journal of Medical Virology, Journal of Oncology Pharmacy practice, disaster medicine and public health preparedness, Journal of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, Pakistan Journal of Medical science, Latin American journal of pharmacy and many more.

He is the first UCP student who has published five book chapters in Springer Nature and Elsevier. Currently, Dr Butt has submitted around ten more papers in different international journals.
The UCP community commends Dr Muhammad Butt for his outstanding achievements.

Areas of Interest

  1. Photovoltaic Systems
  2. Mismatch/Shading Effects of PV Array
  3. MPPT Algorithms
  4. I-V Curve Tracing
  5. Control Schemes
  6. Designing of DC-DC Converter
  7. Power Electronics and Energy Evaluation

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